Invisible habits

Invisible habitsHave You ever noticed things you make every day the same? In already and unconsciously set order? Have you managed to observe how they have changed for the last few years? I haven’t until today. All my life I’ve been delaying things to do at the last minute. I have always reckoned that I perform better under time pressure. It works as an adrenaline rush, but it costs too much nerve. That is why my brain decided to change it. Involuntarily I started to prepare clothes or lunch the day before, instead of doing it at rush in the morning. Now I can get deep in the sunshine and collect my thoughts before work while sipping a morning coffee. Comfy as hell! Trust me, if You don’t have a calm morning habit, and have a stressful job, then it’s a must-have. Another one is to get up early even if you don’t have to. If you told me a few years ago that I would, all I would do would be telling you to get off. It seemed to be as something irrational but sitting in front of the TV till the late night was completely bearable. I don’t want to refer to other examples. All I want to show is the fact that many ordinary things or situations could be changed, just because of time. Nevertheless, there are some that will never be under the influence of time. I hope that someday I will eliminate the one that makes me have a lot on my plate – even too much what makes me feel knackered. Let me know, what are your thoughts about it. Have a habit of leaving a comment!

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