How is it to be an introvert?

It’s simple – being with yourself all alone is the best way for rest and collect all thoughts. It’s also best to resolve some inner problems. Have You ever noticed that any attempts of somebody else to make you feel better are getting you down? This is the first sign that you are that guy mentioned in the topic. Your own advice is only one that is bearable. I caught myself on the fact that I’m a bit different person when surrounded by people I know or don’t. While being alone, I even think different. Trust me, it is not the same as being two-faced. Last time, I was at the garden party. Only alcohol could handle my sense of need to be alone. I really don’t find any added value in talking shit with somebody I have just met, and I’m sure I will have never met again. Maybe it’s egoistic, but there are some things in our life, we have to face. Be sure that at some point, even if You are an extrovert, you will meet a knackered mirror reflection of yourself seeking for a place to run and rest alone. If not, this will be a mirror-error created by your needs or desire to be always pro-social. Maybe I generalize a bit, but even if we are mentally bended to one side, the balance in life is inevitably must-have for everyone. Comfy habit is not to care what others think about you, but if you don’t want to be seen as an alienated unit, then healthy is to continuously improve adaptation skills that can help to keep self-assessment on a steady level. I would stop at this point to leave an empty space to be filled by your thoughts.

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