On one’s plate

on one's plate
The straight path to overdose is called ambitions. Many people that create a social surrounding take up too many things simultaneously. Too many activities or obligations very often, despite liking it anyway, might be overwhelming. Then, we start to think over, if all this is worth something or maybe we should focus on one thing as well on its constant improvements to reach a satisfying level. Sounds smart, but what if we cannot decide which one to choose? First and foremost, we should consider things as if we will do something for profit or not? Next thing and the right thing to do is defining the level of enjoyment. If you want to do something that would bring you a profit, then make sure that it will also bring you pleasure. Otherwise, there is a term for the opposite situation – JOB. Last but not least, we should look before we leap. For instance, I’m a true-born humanist, but I’m really excited about programming. I know that it takes time, but I felt like a primitive human-being when I came across problems at the very beginning. Creating my own game? Let’s say, little did I know. In other words – forget about it. More probable is frozen hell than me as a good programer. The only thing I can program now is function „if” in Microsoft Excel. Yes, I’m proud of it. Back to the topic – If you can’t decide, there will be too much on your plate. You will be committed to everything and nothing. Work, hobbies, studies, things to learn, all that should be contracted to work if possible. If I had such a mindset a few years ago, I would direct my life to merge money, hobby, and education. How would you?

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